Austria: Vincent Bueno performs first live his ESC 2021 entry “Amen”

Austria: Vincent Bueno performs first live his ESC 2021 entry “Amen”

The Austrian Eurovision 2021 representative, Vincent Bueno, appeared as a guest on last evening’s show “Starmania 21” on ORF, where he performed live his Eurovision entry “Amen”.

With the Eurovision Song Contest just a stone throw away this year’s competing acts are making their last promotional appearances on the media, a few days before the official rehearsals kick off in Rotterdam. 

The Austrian 2021 act, Vincent Bueno, appeared last evening on ORF’s show “Starmania21” where he performed live his Eurovision entry ‘Amen’. 

You can watch Vincent’s performance in the following video: 

Vincent Bueno in Eurovision

Vincent Bueno was selected internally to represent the country at Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam witht the song “Alive” but as the event was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak, missed the joy to perform in Rotterdam.

This year Bueno will be competing in the second semi final show, on May 20, 2021 in Rotterdam Ahoy where he’ll be performing 5th on stage his song.  

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