Austria: Zoë… A movie about Brigitte Bardot !

Austria: Zoë… A movie about Brigitte Bardot !

This year, we have the chance to make a third interview in French. And it’s the delicious Zoë who welcomes us with the most beautiful smile in the world. Accompanied by her father, the artist answers our questions in a good mood and so naturally. A young sparkling woman, in love with music. Zoë was one of the most applauded artists during the concert on the Melkweg stage.

Alain : Hello Zoe, welcome in Amsterdam for this 8th edition of Eurovision in Concert! It’s a real pleasure to speak French for this interview, why did you choose this language for your song?

Zoë : Oh…in French! Let’s go, thank you very much! Well, this language has always been part of my life, I studied in a French school, I did my A levels as did my father a few years before me. My father is a musician, he already written songs in French. My grand parents have been living in Paris for 20 years now. All this has always been part of my life. It was natural!

Alain : What did you know about Eurovision before you tried to represent your country, Austria?

Zoë : When I was very young, my parents watched it at home. It was something really special, I grew up in a musicians family.


Alain : What was the reaction of your family and friends when you won in the Austrian selections?

Zoë : Oh it was great, I had so many messages on the social networks, it has been a fantastic moment for me. It’s already a real victory in itself.

Alain : You are proposed to play the leading role in a movie that relates the life of a famous star, alive or dead, who would you embody and why?

Zoë : It’s difficult, actually people often say I look like Brigitte Bardot. Honestly, I don’t know if it’s true, so, perhaps a movie that relates her career.

Alain : Imagine we got married for 10 years now… After all this time, what is the present I could give you to impress you?

Zoë : A trip!!! somewhere…”Loin d’Ici” ! (laughs)

Alain : Can we expect you come in France to sing sooner or later?

Zoë : Oh yes, but I never sang in France, I don’t know how would react French people.

Alain : What is the message you want to deliver to our readers in France or anywhere else?

Zoë : I thank you a thousand times for your support, thank you for loving my song, that makes me very happy, thank you for voting for me! Thanks a lot, kissies!! I hope we will meet soon!

Euro’Idol INFE France thank you once again, we wish you gook luck for Stockholm!


Stefanos Charpantidis

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