Austria’s first rehearsal

Austria’s first rehearsal

This is a no frills presentation. The stage is lit in purplish white to start with. Dodo is singing while playing his piano on the left, bassist Max is in the middle and Flo is playing the drums on a raised platform. Apart from the styling of the group, Dodo’s hat and white jacket with embroidered sleeves or Max’s long hair and moustache, the retro feel of the song is not accentuated with the way the stage is lit, either than the fact that the lighting is kept very simple of course. Even this ‘late 60’s rock TV tribute’ feeling is lost however when, suddenly, there is an overhead shot showing a crude impression of flames used on the LED stage floor. The stage changes into blue and, then, towards the end of the song, the lighting changes into bright orange and remains so until the end of the performance. Dodo’s vocals are a bit shaky during the first run but improve during subsequent performances of the rehearsal. The Austrian presentation feels like a party hostess dressing down in the name of hospitality so as not to overshadow her guests. Wait, I spoke too soon, there are actually quite some interesting effects used for the Austrian entry right in the end of the session during the last run: Dodo’s piano appears to be on fire which is getting stronger and stronger at the point when the stage floor is in ‘flames’ too while stardust is falling from the ceiling – this is actually a very effective feature for Austria – relaxed (despite being on fire) but effective.

Angelo D.

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