Azerbaijan 2018: Aisel’s first rehearsal on stage

Azerbaijan 2018: Aisel’s first rehearsal on stage

First on Altice Arena stage beautiful Aisel from Azerbaijan. This year’s Azerbaijan’s entry X My Heart (Cross My Heart) is signed by the so called Dream Team  of Dimitri Kontopoulos, Foka Evaggelino , Alex Panayi  and Ilia Kokoto being on the delegation.

A rather impressive staging for Azerbaijan. White color is the dominating color while the floor is covered by dry ice. Aisel is wearing a a white dress and is barefoot. She start singing lying on a rock.

The backing vocalists are also dressed in white and start to follow her choreographic moves after the 2nd chorus. During the chorus a fan brings waves of wind on the stage.

All of the team is standing on various formations that light up during the 2nd chorus while after the bridge at the last chorus a glitter effect takes place making the stage even more impressive.

During the performance Azerbaijan will use special effects that will appear only on screen for the viewers. (stars, special lightening )

Although its the first rehearsal Aisel is vocally good and in combination with the impressive staging gives the country points to continue its successive qualifications to the final.

Have a little more taste of Aizerbaijan’s first rehearsal as uploaded on the official Eurovision account on Instagram:

 Stay tuned for news concerning Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2018 participation.

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