Azerbaijan: Aisel to promote « X My Heart» in Bulgaria

Azerbaijan: Aisel to promote « X My Heart» in Bulgaria

Aisel, one of the most glamorous participants in this year’s Eurovision contest, will represent Azerbaijan with “X My Heart”. In particular, it will open this year’s contest as it appears first in the first semi-final on May 8th. A moment before the first semi-final, Aisel is on her promo tour, having already visited Greece, Moscow and Israel. This time, however, Bulgaria was the next station.

During her stay in Bulgaria, the young representative visited the Embassy of Azerbaijan and asked for support from the expatriates. She also had the opportunity to meet many top artists such as the rapper “100 Kila” and to participate in many events to promote this year’s Azerbaijani entry.


A special moment on this trip was her presence in the famous Bulgarian show “Slavi’s Show”. This show is the best-known show on Bulgarian TV as it is projected for more than ten years, marking more than 80%!

Aisel presented a unique version of “X My Heart” in “Slavi’s Show”, but this time playing the piano. The representative of Azerbaijan impressed the audience and the presenter with her warm voice and impressive presence, showing yet again how much talent she has on the  piano.

Watch here Aisel singning  «X My Heart» live.

The presenter of “Slavi’s Show” said:

“I wish you good luck. With this song I think you have a great chance of winning “

Aisel earlier had  said:

“The final position is not in the things that concerns me. For me, it is most important that I have the opportunity to show my music to many people from different countries and to be an inspiration to them. Finally, I feel I’m already winner living this Eurovision experience “

The promo tour of Aisel does not end in Bulgaria as Russia, Albania and Montenegro are coming! Stay tuned!

Fotis Kourouvanis

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