Azerbaijan: Aisel will sing “X My Heart” in Lisbon!

Azerbaijan: Aisel will sing “X My Heart” in Lisbon!

Aisel is a 27 year old jazz singer from Azerbaijan. She was chosen to represent Azerbaijan for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 after an internal selection. She submitted several songs and the national television broadcast of Azerbaijan chose 3 of them. Then, a panel of 300 persons listened and valued these three songs without knowing that the three  songs were submitted for the Eurovision Song Contest and with 87% they chose the song “X My Heart”.

“X My Heart” is written by Greek Dimitris Kontopoulos and Swedish Sandra Bjurman, who have a lot of experience in the contest. Dimitris Kontopoulos co-wrote the Russian 2016 runner-up entry “You Are The Only One” performed by Sergey Lazarev and Sandra was one the two composers behind Azerbaijan’s 2011 winner “Running Scared”.

Tim Bran, who stood behind the production of Belgian’s City Lights from 2017, will participate in the production of “X My Heart” too. He also became known through his collaborations with The Verve, London Grammar, Birdy, Halsey, Bloc Party and others. The arrangement was made by Tim Bran with Dimitris Kontopoulos and the recording of X My Heart took place in London. The mix was made by Ash Howes, who made the mix in many songs by One Direction, Dido, The Corrs, Ellie Goulding and others.

The legendary Fokas Evangelinos will take over the direction and artistic care of the appearance of Aisel. Fokas has won the contest for Elena Paparizou and Dima Bilan and he also took the second place for Ani Lorak and Farid Mammadov. He was also responsible for the appearance of Sergey Lazarev for Russia 2016.

Aisel is very positive for this year’s entry and she mentioned that “X My Heart” was her favorite song from the first time she heard it.

Tomorrow, we can listen to this year’s Azerbaijani entry.

Angelo D.

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