Azerbaijan: Aisel’s rehearsals in Athens

Azerbaijan: Aisel’s rehearsals in Athens

This year,  Azerbaijan participates in the Eurovision 2018 contest with “X my heart”, performed by Aisel and composed by Dimitris Kontopoulos and Sandra Bjurman (Azerbaijan 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2017). The video clip of the song was directed by Roula Koutroumbeli.

The team that will frame Aisel on the Altice Arena in May was announced yesterday. Four Portuguese singers will be on the vocals of “X My Heart “ along with  Greek singer Stephania Rizou.

Yesterday also , through her  Instagram account, we were informed  that Aisel started the rehearsals of the song in Athens under the direction of Alex Panagi. In the photo we also see the Portuguese singers Sandra d’Andrade and Salomé Caldeira, as well as the (also Portuguese) singers Hugo Baptista and Rui Andrade. Alex Panayi has also taken over the vocals of this year’s Belarusian, as well as Moldovan, participation.


Aisel, despite her  full program to promote her participation, has begun intensive rehearsals for her stage appearance, which, as you already know, will be directed by Fokas Evangelinos, who has been the director of the contest  for the past two years and four more entries in top 3 of the final score.

Although not yet given any insight into what is impressive this year, Fokas, the Eurovision Dream Team, reveals that,wishing to celebrate this year’s organizing country, the four performers who will be on Aisel’s vocals will also have role in the stage show of “X My Heart”.

Aisel, in one of her latest appearances, has been very optimistic about what she will present at the Eurovision Song Contest and hopes viewers and review boards love her like that.

“If X My Heart was one day of the week it would be Friday, if it was season it would be Summer and if it was color it would be white. Generally, it could be anything that can bring the smile to the face of the people”.

We remind you that this year’s Azerbaijan participation in the Eurovision Song Contest is signed by the Greek Dream Team, with Dimitris Kontopoulos, Elias Kokotos, Fokas Evangelinos and Alex Panagi. Aisel with “X My Heart” will appear in the first half of the first semifinals on May 8th and we wish her good luck.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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