Azerbaijan: Diana Hajiyeva meets local INFE Azerbaijan members and Eurofans.

Azerbaijan: Diana Hajiyeva meets local INFE Azerbaijan members and Eurofans.

Earlier this week, INFE Azerbaijan got the chance to meet with their very own Eurovision representative, Diana Hajiyeva. Diana, with her band ‘Dihaj’, invited music lovers into their final gig of the year, taking place on Friday the 30th of December. Before the gig, Diana met with the president of  the local INFE fan club, Orkhan Aghayev, and fans of the Eurovision Song Contest to surprise them in giving them a poster of her.


15800784_10154923840432028_7647478858907528010_oHaving a short conversation about the song that Azerbaijan’s performer will sing on stage, since local and foreign fans desire to hear her with a song of her own  and not one composed by foreign composers she responded ” Swedish or not  Swedish composer  i will do my best for the country” leaving the an open window to all options.


Earlier, on the 5th of December  Diana Hajiyeva — the aspiring pop star better known as Dihaj — got in the spotlight, as Azerbaijani broadcaster ITV announced that she’ll sing at Eurovision 2017 in Kyiv. The Baku-based beauty definitely beats to her own drum, dropping other-worldly experimental pop.

You can see all the above reviews justified clearly in “I Break Again” — her first single,  in December 2014.

Her voice has a rich, haunting quality that carries and passes to the audience emotion well. This capacity meets well with jazz, soul and funk — genres that have become worldwide even more popular in the last years.

Take a look at her  video of her latest song Eşqini Aşagı Sal . Popular Azerbaijani actress  Nigar Samadzade is the main character of the video clip commneted on the the song: ” It wants to depict the Azerbaijani cultural and social side of love and its expectations for both men and women. Here is a typical story of a man suffering of being in love with a woman who is from the cultural sense too free and therefore not good. The chourus repeats “put your love standards down”. Because those standards don’t fit with reality and actually harms and discriminates the female from life and naturally makes the man suffer, which obviously emotionally depends on the woman.”

Diana previously competed in Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2011 selection, coming fourth in Heat Six behind Eldar Gasimov, who eventually made it and won the Eurovision 2011 alongside Nigar Jamal with their entry Running Scared

Last year the country was represented by Samra and her entry Miracle that ended up at the 17th place with 117 points. Dihaj herself served as a backing vocalist during the Eurovision 2016 rehearsals, helping Samra get ready for her stage show.

Stay tuned on the INFE Network for more news about Dihaj and her upcoming entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

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