Azerbaijan: Listen to Samira’s Eurovision 2020 entry “Cleopatra”

Azerbaijan: Listen to Samira’s Eurovision 2020 entry “Cleopatra”

The song that Azerbaijan’s Eurovision representative. Samira Efendi, will be performing next May in Rotterdam leaked today on the web. The entry is entitled “Cleopatra” .

Internally selected, Samira Efendi will be singing “Cleopatra” at the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam representing Azerbaijan. Listen to the song below:


About Samira

It’s not the first time that Samira was near to representing the country as last year she was again among the internal selection’s candidates for Eurovision 2019. In the past she had even taken part in the Azeri national selection Böyük Səhnə , without achieving to qualify to the final. In 2015 she participated in first seasong of The Voice of Azerbaijan where she finished second behind Emiliya Yagubova. In 2017 she took part in the international music competition Silky Way Star giving spectacular vocal performances.

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