Azerbaijan: The titles of the potential Eurovision 2021 entries unveiled

Azerbaijan: The titles of the potential Eurovision 2021 entries unveiled

The titles of the six entries running for Efendi’s Eurovision 2021 song have been unveiled. 

INFE Azerbaijan, has revealed the titles of the six candidate songs that are running as Efendi’s ESC 2021 entry.

These 6 songs performed by Efendi were presented to Focus Group, and one of them will be Azerbaijan’s song for Eurovision 2021.

  • Mata Hari
  • Ratata
  • When I’m gone
  • Manifesto
  • Breathing You
  • Owe You Pretty

While the songs  “When I’m Gone” and “Breathing You”  are ballads, the other four are more uptempo tracks. However the song title of the selected entry can be changed by the team once the selection is over. The official presentation of the song will take place in the second week of March.

The Eurovision Story so Far

Azerbaijanparticipated for the first time  in the contest back in 2008 and since then haven’t missed out any year. In 2011 the duo Eldar & Nikki brought the Eurovision trophy on home soil with their song Running scared, and gave the chance to the Land of fire to host the competition next year in the capital city of Baku.

In 2018 Azerbaijan was represented by Aisel and her song X my heart, despite her dynamic performance she didn’t advance to the Grand Final. In 2019 Azerbaijan selected internally Chingiz  to defend the Azeri colors  in Tel Aviv with his entry Truth and did really well as he finished 8th in the Grand final scoreboard.

Efendi’s ESC 2020 entry, Cleopatra, may have not reached the stage in Rottedam Ahoy as the contest was cancelled but will have a second chance this year to reach her Eurovision destination in Rotterdam.

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