Azerbaijan’s First Rehearsal

Azerbaijan’s First Rehearsal

And after  the lunch break, we are back. The land of fire is on stage now, Azerbaijan, with her representative Samra.  The colour of Azerbaijan’s performance this year is The Golden. Samra is very beautiful and she is wearing  white trousers today.

In the begging everything is in darkness again, and then we see some blue and yellow lights. Samra and the general impression is that she dances with the fire. The problem beggins when amra reaches the chorus where she is obviously off key. Also, during her second run it seems to be a problem with her earphone.

Samra is not alone. There are four dancers on stage with her and perform a typical Eurovision routine. In the final run we saw the foul run of the performance, with some fireworks. Everything seems fine, except from Samra’s vocal, they need to be improved.




Stefanos Charpantidis

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