Azerbaijan:The truth behind “X My Heart”

Azerbaijan:The truth behind “X My Heart”

Shortly after midnight, this year’s Azerbaijani entry, «X My Heart» was released. The song is signed by Dimitris Kontopoulos and Sandra Bjurman. At the same time, almost simultaneously with its release, some rumors about the track were released, claiming that it was initially deposited at Melodifestivalen from which it was rejected, eventually ending in Azerbaijan and Aisel. After our contact with “Dream Team” that’s what is really going on.

“Initially, all this are totally inaccurate, as the creators of the track have signed a contract with Azerbaijan’s public broadcaster, assuring that they have not submitted the song to any other national choice.

In addition to being submitted to Sweden, this should have happened until 18 September 2017, the date on which the submission deadline for Melodifestivalen expired. However, X My Heart has a confirmed date of copyright on November 9th.

All of this is obviously reproduced by people who want to hit the track and the entry and have nothing to do with the truth.»

Fotis Kourouvanis

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