Barbara Dex 2016: The winner is Croatia

Barbara Dex 2016: The winner is Croatia

The Barbara Dex Award has been awarded by the fan website House of Eurovision since 1997, and is an award given to the worst dressed artist. It is named after the Belgian artist, Barbara Dex, who wore her own awful self designed dress back in 1993. This year,  its the 20th anniversary of Barbara Dex’s Award. Last year, Trijntje Oosterhuis from The Netherlands won the award.

This year’s winner is Nina Kraljić from Croatia with a total of 770 votes. Runner up was Jamie – Lee from Germany with 335 votes and Rykka from Switzerland came 3rd with 201 votes. Bosnia and Herzegovina came 4th and Poli Genova from Bulgaria 5th.

This was the first time that Croatia won the BarbaraDex Award. Serbia is the leader with 2 victories so far (2010 and 2013).

Croatia returned to the contest after a 2-year break represented by Nina Kraljić and her Lighthouse. She took part in the first semi final and she managed to win a ticket for the Grand Final. In the Grand Final, she ended in the 23rd place with 73 points.

Nina wore 2 outfits during her performance on the stage of Stockholm. A kind of a Japanese Kimono and a white dress with feathers. The problem is we don’t know for which of these 2 dresses she won the award. Probably for both!!!!!





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