Belarus: BTRC confirms participation for 2016.

Belarus: BTRC confirms participation for 2016.

The Belarusian national broadcaster, BTRC, has confirmed that Belarus will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm increasing the number of countries that have confirmed their presence next May on the stage of the Globen Arena, to 15.

Though the Belarusian Channel hasn’t decided about the format through which the country will pick its Eurovision representative, it is evaluating at the moment different kind of procedures and in the near future official announcements will determine the mechanism of the national selection.

Belarus last year was represented by   Uzari & Maimuna and their entry Time and despite their dynamic presentation, didn’t manage to qualify to the grand final.

Belarus competed for the first time in 2004 and hasn’t won the contest yet. Its best placing was in 2007 with Koldun’s Work your magic that managed a 7th placing in the final.

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