Belarus: Daniel Aleks Yastremskiy will represent the host country in Junior Eurovision 2018

Belarus: Daniel Aleks Yastremskiy will represent the host country in Junior Eurovision 2018

Daniel Aleks Yastremskiy will be the act to represent the host country of Belarus at the upcoming  Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Minsk next November. Daniel one the national selection with his song Time with a narrow lead of one point from 2nd Mariya Zhilina and her entry Welcome To My Belarus

The show was hosted by two familiar faces to the local Eurovision family, Teo and Olga Ryzhikovoy. Teo represented Belarus at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, while Olga is a television presenter and the wife of Teo. This couple has hosted number of national selections the past years.

In tonight’s selection a total of ten acts battled to win the public’s and jury’s preference . The winner was determined by a 50% public voting and 50% jury vote.

The list of the night’s contestants and the points that they received can be viewed in the following list:

  1. Daniel Aleks Yastremskiy – Time –  16 points (12+4) – 1st
  2. Mariya Zhilina – Welcome To My Belarus –  15 points(10+5) – 2nd
  3. Nikita Belko – Ne preday – 13 points(1+12) – 3rd
  4. Yaroslav Sokolikov – Mir na zemle  13 points (5+8) – 4th
  5. Monkey Tops – Na stile – 12 points  (2+10) – 5th
  6. Artem Skorol – Ulybnis –  11 points (4+7) – 6th
  7. Yelizaveta Meya – Zorka –  10 points (7+3)– 7th
  8. Mariya Gulevich – Ostrov Chikarum – 9 points(3+6) – 8th
  9. Myata – Odnazhdy  9 points(8+1) – 9th
  10. Angelina Yaroshchuk – Feeling Good  8 points(6+2) – 10th

Take a look at the winning performance :

Belarus has participated in all editions of Junior Eurovision since the first one in 2003. It has won two times the contest , in 2005 with Ksenia Sitnik and her song My Vmeste and the second time in 2007 with Alexey Zhigalkovich and his song S Druz’yami.

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