Belarus: National final date and running order confirmed

Belarus: National final date and running order confirmed

The Belarusian national broadcaster has confirmed the date that the Eurovision 2020 national final will take place.

According to BTRC we will find out who will represent Belarus in the next Eurovision Song Contest on the 28th of February, day on which the country’s national final will take place . However this year the final outcome will not be determined only by a jury, as last year, but the final winner and next Belarusian representative will be selected 50% by a jury and 50% by the public vote.

Addtionally the broadcaster revealed the running order of the 12 competing acts’ and entries of the national final:

1. Olga Shimanskaya (NAPOLI) Do not let me down

2. Alexandra Zakharik (Sasha Zakharik)Rocky Road

3. Anastasia Vakhomchik (Anastasia Malashkevich)Invisible

4. Olga Grigoryeva, Julia Yanochkina, Svetlana Kaufman (CHAKRAS Group) La-ley-la

5. Anastasia GlamozdaBurning again

6. Anastasia Razvadovskaya Hello

7. Yan Yarosh Fire

8. Angelica Pushnova True Love

9. Daria KhmelnitskayaOn Fire

10. Julia Bykova (AURA)Ram pile

11. Ekaterina Smolskaya (KeySi) Chili Pepper

12. Valeria Gribusova, Vladislav Pashkevich (VAL)Yes Yes


Belarus has been participating in Eurovision since 2004 without missing an edition since its first participation. Its best placing so far was in 2007 with Dmitry Koldun and Work Your Magic which finished 6th in the final. This remains Belarus’ only top ten placement. Belarus also qualified for the final in 2010, 2013, 2014, 2017 and 2019. On the other hand its worst result came in 2006 with Polina Smolova who finished 22nd in the semi final.

In 2018 Alekseev represented the country with his song Forever but unfortunantely didn’t make it to the final as he finished 16th in the 1st semi final. In this year’s contest the country was represented by national final winner,Zena, who performed “Like it” in Tel Aviv . Lets remember Zena’s energetic performance in Tel Aviv:



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