Belarus: These are the national selection’s finalists (updated)

Belarus: These are the national selection’s finalists (updated)

The live auditions of the artists that had applied for competing in Belarus’ national final are over. The national broadcaster ΒTRC received a total of 95 entries from different countries, which today were performed through a procedure of live auditions beyond a professional jury. The jury after listening to all the artists cut down the list to 11 acts that will compete in this year’s national final.

So after the live auditions the finalists are:

  1. ALEN HIT-I do not care
  2. Adagio-You and I
  3. Lexy-Ain’t you
  4. Sophia Lapina-Gravity
  5. Napoli-Chasing rushes
  6. Alekseev-Forever
  7. Anastasia Malashkevich-World on fire
  8. Guns-I will not cry
  9. Cyril Hood-Deja Vu
  10. Radio wave-Subway lines
  11. Shuma-Hmarki

Taking a careful look at the list we notice that  Uzari (Eurovision 2015 representative) didn’t manage to pass in the national final, while  Angelica Pushnova  with her song Fighting For Love (composed by Molitva’s composer Vladimir Grajic had the same fate.On the other hand,  Alekseev will compete in the national final despite the released videos showing him performing his song in Russian before September.

The county’s national final will take place on February 16 in Minsk and the hosts will be TEO( 2014 representative) alongside with Olga Ryzhikova. The final results will be determined by a combination of public and jury voting with a 50% share each, but in case of a tie the winner will be the one that has received the highest points from the jury. The allocation draw is to be held next Tuesday.

Last year Belarus was represented by Naviband and the song  Story Of My Life which finished in 17th place.

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