Belgium 2018: Watch Sennek’s first rehearsal

Belgium 2018: Watch Sennek’s first rehearsal

Laura Groeseneken or just  Sennek is Belgium’s hope for a fourth positive result in a row and why not a victory.  The country has a high position on the bookies’ betting odds board and found itself losing ground after live performances at  Eurovision promo events. Sennek is trying to surpass all these negative impressions and reestablish the initial positive expectations on stage.

At the beginning we see only her eyes and progressively the whole picture of her is revealed. She is wearing a black long wide dress which its lowest part from the waist and down is made from a see through material with black velvet strips in circles around it , while its top part finishes just over her shoulders leaving  her hands out. As she sings she moves on the catwalk that reaches into the audience.

As expected a rather dark lighted and  futuristic performance and her vocals seem better but still appear unstable. Her synchronizing  with the camera needs improvement. Mixed reactions in the press center.

Take a look at Sennek and her first rehearsal today:

Angelo D.

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