Belgium: “A Matter Of Time”, the title of this year’s entry

Belgium: “A Matter Of Time”, the title of this year’s entry

The title of this year’s entry at Eurovision Song Contest was revealed. Belgium will be represented by SENNEK (or Laura Groeseneken as it is her real name), and its participation will be released on Belgian radios on 6 March at 06: 00 CET.

The country’s broadcaster has posted the following picture, which reveal to us the title of this year’s Belgian participation whici is «A Matter Of Time»:


It is likely that this year’s entry will be revealed through the morning show «De Grote Peter van de Veire Ochtendshow». Peter Van de Veire was Belgium’s commentator in 2012.

Laura was announced as a representative of Belgium at the end of September and was the first confirmed participation in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. She had described her song as a mysterious pop and not like what we are accustomed to in general, but also to Eurovision. The artist will compete in the first half of the first semifinal on May 8.

Belgium last year was represented by Blanche with the song «City Lights», which won the fourth place, setting quite high the bar for this year’s represenantive:

Fotis Kourouvanis

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