Belgium: Everyone wants to represent Belgium in 2018

Belgium: Everyone wants to represent Belgium in 2018

Two 4th places (2015,2017) and one 10th (2016) in the last 3-Eurovision-years are the best results in a row for the country since 1970’s. These results have increased the interest for the participation of Belgium in ESC 2018. As a result, all the famous artists of the country’s pop scene are interested in representing Belgium with a good song, something that seemed utopian 5 years ago.

Artists like Natalia, Gene Thomas,  Isabelle A,  De Romeo’s, Belle Perrez and  Ozark Henry are some of the names that expressed there interest in order to fly the country’s flag. What do all these artists have in common? All of them have songs that hit the Belgian radio charts.

In 2006, Kate Ryan was a famous artist that represented Belgium in Athens. Kate is an artist famous in Europe with songs that hit the top of the charts in several countries. In Athens, she sang Je t’ adore and although she her song was one of the top favorites, she failed to move in to the Grand Final (12th place in the semi final).

VRT, the Flamandophone broadcaster of Belgium, is in charge this year for Belgium’s entry in Portugal and they have already announced that they will move on with an internal selection.  Will they choose a famous artist or once more will they pick up a new talent as they did the last 3 years?


Stefanos Charpantidis

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