Belgium: Hans Pannecoucke to be Sennek’s artistic director

Belgium: Hans Pannecoucke to be Sennek’s artistic director

Shortly before, it was confirmed that the Belgian producer Hans Pannecoucke will eventually stage Sennek’s performance  and  “A Matter Of Time” in Lisbon.

Let’s remind you that Pannecoucke had produced The Common Linnets “Calm After The Storm” staging at Eurovision 2014 and also the Spanish entry last year.

Pannecoucke will have longtime collaborators Ignace D’Haese and Yves Ruth with him this year to help on creating the staging. D’Haese will produce the lighting and Yves Ruth will work on the choreography.

The three of them have collaborated again for last year’s Belgian entry “What’s The Pressure” and combining Laura Tesoro’s performance with a spectacular show on the stage, gave Belgium a top score in Stockholm.

Belgium is the second country to which Pannecoucke is involved with this year, as Dutch representative, Waylon, confirmed in late February that he will work with the Belgian professional for the stage performance of “Outlaw In ‘Em”. At the same time, it is the second time that Pannecoucke will present at the same time the stage performances of Belgium and the Netherlands.


Fotis Kourouvanis

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