Belgium: Internal selection of the 2020 Eurovision representative in progress

Belgium: Internal selection of the 2020 Eurovision representative in progress

As some countries haven’t yet confirmed their participation in the next edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, others have progressively kicked off their national selections procedures. Belgium has been one of the countries that opens the Eurovision case quiet earlier than others and this year isn’t an exception.

VRT seeks for the next Eurovision act

Belgium has joined the EBU family through the membership of two national broadcasters , the Flemmish broadcaster VRT and the Wallon french speaking broadcaster RTBF. Since the first contest back in  1956, the two Belgian broadcasters have been taking turns in selecting the country’s Eurovision acts and organising the national delegation. This year it’s the Flemmish broadcaster’s turn to take over the Eurovision project and determine the act and entry that will represent the country in Rotterdam next May. However so far VRT hasn’t achieved to see one of its chosen acts win the contest. The best placing was accomplished in 2010 with Tom Dice, who sung  “Me And My Guitar”  and managed to finish in the 6th place.

Awaiting  specific act to confirm

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VRT’s Music coordinator,  Gerrit Kerremans during an interview to, according to , mentioned that VRT has hold already several interviews of candidates since last May, even before the final in Tel Aviv. Kerremans spoke of a specific artist, whose final confirmation is pending at the moment. Only if the artist’s name is solved can the broadcaster move on with the entry and this acts has been in top position on VRT’s wishlist.

Although Gerrit Kerremans didn’t reveal the act’s name he mentioned his preference to perform a rock song. Gerrit himself prefers a popular established act but will still be satisfied with a new promising artist. However VRT has backup artists in case this first in preference act turns down its proposal to represent the country. The Flemmish channel stays loyal to its process that wants the artist to be determined first and then the entry to follow.


The Eurovision Story So Far

Belgium is one of the countries to have participated in the Eurovision Song Contest since its first edition back in 1956. After 30 years of participation  the country achieves to win the contest in 1986 with the 13 yo Sandra Kim and her entry “J’aime la vie”.

The country has finished last in the contest 8 times while in two of these occasions didn’t receive any point at all. In 2003 with the group Urban Trad and their song “Sanomi” it almost reached its second victory finishing in the 2nd place, only two points behind Turkey and Sertab Erener with her entry Every way that I can.

Since then Belgium has qualified to the finals only 5 times while 10 times it failed to reach the grand final show. Unfortunately its latest failure to qualify was this year’s entry “Wake Up” performed by Eliot VassamilletLets remember Eliot’s performance back in May on the Expo Tel Aviv stage:


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