Belgium: Listen to SENNEK’s whole song “A Matter Of Time”

Belgium: Listen to SENNEK’s whole song “A Matter Of Time”

It was released one day before that this year Belgium’s entry is titled “A Matter Of Time“. The song itself leaked on the web minutes ago! So listen to Belgium’s Eurovision 2018 music proposal in Lisbon.

The Belgian representative was announced on 31th September by country’s national broadcaster VRT and is the 27-year-old Laura Groeseneken or SENNEK (her artistic name). The singer will compete in the first half of first semi-final.

About Sennek

Laura was born in 1990 in the Belgian city of Leuven. Apart from a singer, she is a composer too. She has taken part in many musical projects in spite of her young age. One of her great collaborations was that she composed the song Gravity with Alex Callier for the famous band Hooverphonic. The song became popular as it was chosen for an advertising campaign.

The Story So Far

Belgium is one of the first seven countries that have been participating in Eurovision Song Contest since its beginning in 1956. It has achieved only one victory in 1986 with the singer Sandra Kim and the song J’aime la vie. Since the introduction of semi-finals in 2004, it has been many times out of final. Its downward course changed the recent years as it has achieved great results being in top ten places for three consecutive years. Last year the country was represented by Blanche with the song City Lights which attained the 4th place.

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