Belgium: Loïc Nottet releases the emotional new single “Μr/Μme (Bruxelles)”

Belgium: Loïc Nottet releases the emotional new single “Μr/Μme (Bruxelles)”

The talented young act from Belgium, that impressed Europe back in Eurovision 2015 , Loic Nottet , is back with his new single titled “Μr/Μme (Bruxelles)”. 

Loic Nottet, this young fellow, has certainly the Rhythm Inside and after his successful debut studio album Selfocracy” and the included singles “Million Eyes”   and “29”is back with a brand new song titled “Μr/Μme (Bruxelles)” . The track will be included in the Belgian act’s second studio album titled Sillygomania . Earlier in March Loic had released from the same album his single  “Heartbreaker” ,a  new hit that offers some sounds of the 80s and really makes you want to dance. 

The song “Mr / Mme” 

On this latest single, Loïc Nottet does something he has never done before: he sings in French. On “Mr / Mme” he tells a story while being accompanied by the piano. The story begins with Loïc apologizing for tutoring, remaining a free child and spirit and discovering the world. “Mr / Mme” basically conveys the request and need to feel helped and loved on a planet where he can fly freely without chains. A planet that works in a way that doesn’t ease these objectives.Words that he exposes like an open letter, a heart torn on the white paper of life, between doubts, fears, desires. Highlighting this world of rough, violence and hatred, dreaming of a new universe, free from bellicose feelings.

In the end, Loïc thanks his fans, because through them he can be who he is and wants to be on stage without restrictions or rules that he must comply with. He expresses his state of mind as it is genuinely! The lyrics are really beautiful and the music does more than just support it. The melody feels like a ballet performance with greatest and intimate moments. In the end, the singer conjures up some high notes from his hat. His vocals are totally captivating as they escalate through the song!

 It is a beautiful, honest French text full of emotion in which many will recognize themselves and which you can enjoy in the following official music video.

Loïc Nottet in Eurovision

Loïc Nottet met some fame as a finalist in the Belgian version of the talent show The Voice . At that time the 17 yo talented act left his mark by singing impressively Rihanna’s hit , Diamonds.

The Belgian national broadcaster RTBF, chose internally the young act to represent the country in Eurovision 2015 with the entry ” Rhythm Inside”. The Belgian act impressed the audience with his energetic performance in Vienna and achieved an honorable 4th place in the grand final with 217 points.

Lets remember Loïc’s  Eurovision 2015 performance in Austria :

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