Belgium: Snippets of Eurosong entries revealed

Belgium: Snippets of Eurosong entries revealed

The first of the three shows has already taken place for the Belgian Eurovision 2016 selection.  Radio station MNM has released short snippets of the five songs chosen this year.

The second Eurosong show will take place on Sunday at 20:25 CET. The five artists will perform their song for the first time. Then the five will return the following Sunday for the grand final where one of the acts will be selected to represent Belgium in Stockholm. But until then, here are snippets of the five songs. ENJOY!

Amaryllis – “Kick The Habit”

Tom – “I’m Not Lost”

Astrid – “Everybody Aches”

Laura – “What’s The Pressure”

Adil – “In Our Nature”

George Michail

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