Belgium’s First rehearsal

Belgium’s First rehearsal

And the last but certainly not least, in today’s rehearsals is the entry from Belgium and with a refreshing young face from Laura. 

Laura and four dancers walking down the central corridor of the stage with a swag to the uptempo beat of the song and the background fills with yellow and red spotlights. On the central vertical panel of the backdrop there are large yellow discs that resemble floodlights and are repeated on the stage floor, too. On it, there are long rectangular boxes, lit in smaller flashing discs, that form two steps on either side of the stage. Laura and her dancers walk through the opening between them to reach the front of the stage and all  they are performing an energetic dance routine quite effortlessly. The singer smiles all the way through and her vocal performance is not affected at all by all the energy needed for the dance routine. Let’s see how this energy and positivity will affect the viewers on the 12th of may.

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Chrysostomos Kontakiotis

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