Bosnia-Herzegovina 2019: BHRT can not take part in the Contest 

Bosnia-Herzegovina 2019: BHRT can not take part in the Contest 
The country’s public broadcaster (BHRT) has revealed to Eurofestivales that the country is currently not allowed to take part in any Eurovision events due to the sanctions imposed by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).
The head of the Bosnia and Herzegovina delegation revealed to Eurofestivales that the BHRT is currently forbidden to access all the services provided by  EBU.
“Unfortunately, BHRT can not participate in the Eurovision Junior 2018 or Eurovision of 2019 as we are under the EBU sanctions, which means that BHRT can not participate until its debts to the EBU are resolved”.
EBU has confirmed this:
“The BHRT is currently excluded from being able to access all of the EBU’s services due to its high levels of debt.”
EBU first imposed sanctions on the BHRT in December 2016, when EBU broke off the BHRT’s ability to broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest. BHRT is facing serious financial difficulties today and is on the verge of closing for several years. The debts of broadcasters amount is more than EUR 3 million.
Bosnia-Herzegovina participated for the first time in the Contest in 1993. Its best position is the 3rd in 2006, with Hari Mata Hari and Lejla. In 2016,the country was represented by Dalal & Deen feat. Ana Rucner & Jala and Ljubav’s song, without succeeding to qualify to the big Final,winning the 11th place with 104 points.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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