Bosnia-Herzegovina’s first rehearsal

Bosnia-Herzegovina’s first rehearsal

The entry of Bosnia & HerzegovinaLjubav je” is a typical Balkan ballad with modern elements (rap) and as the performers say this song is a call for love in the context of a European refugee crisis, and in memory of times when refugees were fleeing Bosnia & Herzegovina and its neighbouring countries too due to the Balkanic wars.


Deen whose style has changed somewhat since the last time he represented the county back in 2004 is all dressed in black, same as Dalal who appears a bit later on and the backing singers are also wearing capes similar to Ana Rucner’s ,the Croatian cellist, and they all discard them on the floor later on in the performance.

The stage is lit in blue with a geometric formation being displayed on the backdrop. The main presentational feature is a barbed wire fence in the middle of the stage, separating the two singers who sing on either side of it facing each other and when rapper Jala appears, both him and Ana get to the front of the stage and perform very close together and despite the music “differences” the two musical styles complement each other nicely.




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Chrysostomos Kontakiotis

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