Breaking News: San Marino’s public broadcaster “attacks” the Italian RAI

Breaking News: San Marino’s public broadcaster “attacks” the Italian RAI

A few minutes ago, San Marino‘s public broadcaster distributed us a press release, in which they are directing a straightforward attack on the Italian RAI, even asking EBU to intervene on the issue that has arisen.

The problem, according to the announcement signed by San Marino’s Head of Delegation, Alessandro Capicchioni, arose because of what the two RAI commentators said during the second semi-final.

According to the announcement:

“The two RAI commentators on yesterday’s second semifinal  broadcast offensive inscriptions and spread false news. In particular, they said that Francesco Gabbani failed to win at Eurovision 2017 due to the vote in San Marino. This is a big lie, which professionals or even supposedly a professional should avoid, even if they work on one of Europe’s oldest TV channels. They used the designation “bad” to designate a friendly country. Anyone who glides at last year’s rating will see that even if San Marino board would give 12 in Italy, it would again be sixth. San Marino has never complained about the fact that the highest score he received was 6. The damage during the live show had already taken place. This behavior of the two RAI commentators is unacceptable and scandalous. Would it be interesting to know if the designation “informal” has ever been used for a friendly, independent country, from a neighboring country? We in San Marino’s public broadcaster would like to ask Russia or Germany, for example, how they would react to such a case. I will meet the general manager of our public television to ask for an explanation from EBU about what happened.” 

Fotis Kourouvanis

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