Bulgaria 2017: 6 candidate songs

Bulgaria 2017: 6 candidate songs

BNT the broadcaster of Bulgaria will choose internal this year’s act (singer and song) to fly the Bulgarian flag in Kiev. BNT ended up with a number of 6 songs , but we only have just the titles so far. BNT also chose the 6 artists (3 men and 3 women).

It is rumored that Gery-Nikol a famous pop star in Bulgaria is likely to represent Bulgaria in Kiev. According to BNT they came in touch with her team. We have to wait and see if Gery sent a project for Kiev.

Last year,  Poli Genova not only managed to bring again Bulgaria into the Final show after 2007, but also achieved the best result for her country, 4th place with 307 points.

Stefanos Charpantidis

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