Bulgaria 2018: BNT kicks off 2018 procedures

Bulgaria 2018: BNT kicks off 2018 procedures

Although Bulgaria joined the contest a few years ago, in 2016 and in 2017 the country impressed us with its entries. A 2nd place in 2017 and a 4th in 2016 are Bulgaria’s best positions so far. The neighboring country declares ready for its next participation in the competition in Lisbon.  Bulgaria’s National Television (BNT) announced in its official Twitter profile that the procedures for choosing the representative to fly the flag in 2018 in Lisbon started today. This announcement certifies that once again the BNT will directly select the country’s participation in the competition.

Tomorrow at 08:00 CET we will launch the Bulgarian selection for Lisbon#Eurovision

— BNT Eurovision 🇧🇬 (@bg_eurovision) 13 Νοεμβρίου 2017

All record companies will have to send their demos to the following email: eurovision2018@bnt.bg. The deadline for submission of songs by candidates ends on December 20th.

BNT has made it a prerequisite for artists to have experience on the stage. Specifically, it stated:

Once again we are looking for a charismatic artist, captivating song and effective stage concepts. We would like to be working together with the best professionals, so that we prove once again that Bulgaria is worthy part of the music landscape in Europe. With this kind of approach we have very good achievements in the last two years – the second place by Kristian Kostov and the fourth one by Poli Genova.

BNT is also looking for 3 key points from their entrant: Team spirit, talent for music and a message.

Bulgaria debuted in ESC in 2005 in Kiev. The Balkan country has already 11 participations in the contest and only 3 in the Grand Final show. In 2007 represented by Elitsa nad Stoyan (5th place), in 2016 it was Poli Genova (4th place) and last year Kristian Kostov was the runner up.

Stefanos Charpantidis

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