Bulgaria: 3 projects left….

Bulgaria: 3 projects left….

The juries and the fans voted in Bulgaria and BNT revealed the results.  13 projects were evaluated and only 3 of them gathered 7 out of 10 (average score).

This score was formed from 4 different voting groups. These groups were formed from BNT and they voted every project from a scale 0-10.

Group A: Music professionals, producers, TV experts, marketing managers
Group B: Journalists, press members, betting experts
Group C: Bulgarian jury
Group D: Popular group – a mix between casual viewers and devoted fans of Eurovision Song Contest.

Each member voted individually on an online platform, evaluating each song from 0 to 10 (0 minimum, 10 excellent). The way of voting was the same for all members of the group, but the weight of voting was different for each group and each member.


As the BNT explained, the scoring scale is broken down as follows:

10: An excellent song that gives a very good chance of winning.

7-9: A very good song that can be objectively found in the top 5, but also under conditions has chances of winning.

4-6: A song that goes to the final, but the final score will be out of the top10

1-3: A modest song with little chance of qualifying

0: A bad song that does not need further evaluation

The average score of the 13 candidate projects was 4.84, while the three songs still in the casting is 7.50.

The following days, BNT will make more announcements on its internal selection process this year.





Stefanos Charpantidis

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