Bulgaria: 7 days for If Love Is A Crime

Bulgaria: 7 days for If Love Is A Crime

We already know, since mid Febuary, that Poli Genova will represente Bulgaria in Sweden this year. But until today we didn’t know nothing about the song. 2 hours ago, the Bulgarian broadcast ΒΝΤ announced through twitter that the song will premiere on the 21st of March.



The song’s title is If Love Is A Crime and we will listen English and Bulgarian language in the song. Composers and producers of the song are Borislav Milanov, Sebastian Armann and Joachim Bo Persson. Bulgaria’s entry will be the last entry to be announced this year.

Poli wrote on her site about the song:

«The song is powerful, engaging and casts the one and only universal message – love is above all other circumstances. Love is something we discover everywhere around us and it is a feeling that is an essential part of us. It brings us energy and faith. And we feel exactly the same way, because we know love is what makes us unstoppable. We want this message to reach everyone in this world.”

This year we have a double come back in Bulgaria. The country will return after a 2-year break and Poli will fly the Bulgarian flag for the second time after 2011.

Stefanos Charpantidis

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