Bulgaria: Listen to Victoria’s Eurovision 2020 entry “Tears Getting Sober”

Bulgaria: Listen to Victoria’s Eurovision 2020 entry “Tears Getting Sober”

The ineternally selected Bulgarian Eurovision 2020 act, Victoria Georgieva released today the song she will be performing in Rotterdam on stage next May. The song is entitled “Tears Geting Sober”

Besides singing the song she is one of the songwriters of the Bulgarian entry. and has co-directed the official music video. The music video is a co-production between the music label behind Vicotria herself and her Eurovision participation, Ligna Studios, and the Bulgarian production company Four Elementz. The Bulgarian act directed the video together with Viktoria Karakoleva.

Listen to Victoria’s Eurovision entry released earlier today:

A few words about Victoria

Victoria Georgieva, born 21 September 1997, is a Bulgarian singer and songwriter who was part from 4th season of Bulgarian X Factor. She was called the sensation of the 4th season and the Bulgarian Adele.

Victoria started singing at age of eleven. After some time she enrolled in vocal studio “Angel Voices” where her music teacher was Atanaska Lipcheva. Vicky by herself attended to first 3 seasons of X Factor Bulgaria, but she never made it through the judges, mostly because of her age.

In 2015, after 3 attempts she finally made it through the judges and performed perfectly. She also had no problem to make it to the finals of the show and finally to perform on a big scene. She left the show on week 9. Even though she didn’t win X Factor, she got an offer to join Virginia Records, but declined it. In 2016 she joined Monte Music and on 10 June 2016 her first single was released. “Nishto Sluchayno” was directed by Bashmotion and featured VenZy and Niki Bakalov.

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