Bulgaria: Local Eurovision fan communities react to BNT’s decision of withdrawal.

Bulgaria: Local Eurovision fan communities react to BNT’s decision of withdrawal.

Bulgarian national broadcaster’s decision of Eurovision 2019 withdrawal has risen anger and reaction among the Eurovision fans within the local community, who have taken action with a petition on the network

As we informed you earlier today after days of ongoing speculations and rumors of a possible withdrawal, the national broadcaster came this morning to confirm what was more than likely to happen, the country’s withdrawal from the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Avin next May.

Not so long after this announcement the reactions coming from the local Eurovision Fan community started multiplying expressing the fans’ anger for such decision. Specifically, the organised fans from eurovision-bg and local club of OGAE Bulgaria have taken action to reverse the broadcaster’s decision. The fans have launched a petition on the web asking the national broadcaster to reconsider things and recall its decision to withdraw from the next Eurovision.

The petition has been shared on the web with the hashtag #TheyWillNeverBreakUsDown. Although it’s been running a few only hours , already it has gathered more than thousand singnatures but it will need a much more massive response if the fans want to influence effectively the situation.

People that want to sign up in the petition of Eurovision Bulgaria can do it on the website Change.org. 

The petition is published on the webpage of Change.org — known as “the world’s platform for change” — and is addressed to the Administrative Coucil of  National Television.

In 2018 Bulgaria was represented by  Equinox and their entry Bones which finished 14th in the Grand final.

Bulagarian National broadcaster’s decision of withdrawal has brought disappointment to the Eurovision family within and out of the country. Do you think that fans’ reactions can reverse things and eventually see Bulgaria in Tel Aviv? Stay tuned on the INFE Network for more news about the latest developments in Bulgaria and the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

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