Bulgaria: No comeback for the country in Junior Eurovision 2021

Bulgaria: No comeback for the country in Junior Eurovision 2021

The Bulgarian national broadcaster, BNT, through a post on Twitter ruled out a return for the country to Junior Eurovision in 2021, next November  in France.

According to BNT’s post, the country will not be comign back in 2021 to the children’s contest. The Bulgarian broadcaster didn’t justify their decision but taking into account last year’s explanation which talked abound funding issues and the need to obtain the necessary financial support for a return, gives us a hint that nothing has changed since last year in order for the nation to be able to join the Junior Eurovision family again.

The Story so far

Bulgaria debuted in the contest back in 2007 with  Bon-Bon and the song “Bonbolandiya”, which finished 7th in Rotterdam. Since 2009 it has marked a history of withrawals and return throught the year.

Namely they withdrew in 2009, miss out the contest in Kiev and returned in 2011 in Yerevan, to withdraw again for 2021 and 2013 editions.

Bulgaria return in 2014 when they achieved their best result with Krisia, Hasan & Ibrahim placed second performing “Planet of the Children”. In 2015 the country hosted the competition in Sofia while next year  Lidia Ganeva represented the nation in Valetta. This was their last participation up to date. 

News Source:  Bg_eurovision/ Eurofestivales

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