Bulgaria: Through internal selection again its Eurovision 2018 entry.

Bulgaria: Through internal selection again its Eurovision 2018 entry.

The Bulgarian national broadcaster, BNT, revealed that it will follow the same path of internal selection for the country’s next year Eurovision entry.

After this year’s second placing in Eurovision 2017 in Kiev, which was the 2nd in a row top 5 placing for Bulgaria in the contest, the national broadcaster stated that it has already started preliminary research in a number of songs proposed, seeking for the country’s Eurovision 2018 entry.

Through the official Twitter account, BNT officials gave a hint of how the next Bulgarian song will sound like: ” How do we imagine our next  entry? Different than this year. Modern, catchy radio-friendly song. Artist who is able to inspire.:)” Its obvious that next year the country won’t opt for a ballad song like this year’s entry.

Bulgaria has turn out to be a really successful contestant the last two years, after Poli Genova’s  come back on Eurovision 2016 stage with her entry “If love was a crime”, achieving a 4th placing in the Grand Final in Stockholm.

This year the country was represented by  17 year old Kristian Kostov and his entry “Beautiful Mess”, which not only repeated last year’s score but managed to surpass it and almost win the contest by ending in 2nd place behind Portugal. One, however, can’t miss out outlining that the production of both of these entries came from the same working team of Borislav Milanov, Sebastian Arman and Joacim Bo Persson. So it won’t be a surprise if the national broadcaster insists in collaborating with these same composers for the Eurovision 2018 entry.

Until we have new details on Bulgaria’s next 2018 entry lets remember the Kristian’s grand final performance that gave to the country a honorable 2nd place .


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