Bulgaria: Victoria will represent the country at Eurovision 2021

Bulgaria: Victoria will represent the country at Eurovision 2021

Victoria will be the Bulgarian representative of the 65th edition of Eurovision, to be held in 2021. The Bulgarian act was supposed to perform in Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam which was cancelled due the coronavirus outbreak. 

BNT Director-General Emil Koshlukov was adamant that Victoria deserves a second chance at Eurovision:

International reactions from the choice of Victoria and the Bulgarian song prove that she has a place on this stage. I hope to continue our partnership and to represent Bulgaria in 2021. 

Victoria did not hide her emotions:

I am very proud that I will be able to end Bulgaria in 2021. The decision to cancel Eurovision was a huge shock to me and my team because we worked very hard to create Tears Getting Sober and prepare for the competition, which was to be translated this May in Rotterdam. I will now have the opportunity to prepare myself even better and in 2021 to make Bulgaria proud of me. However, the decision is logical and understandable against the background of what is happening around the world. Now is just not the time to do it. I think in order to fulfill all our plans for the future and our great projects professionally and personally, we must first stay alive and well. 

Victoria was to represent the country singing  “Tears Getting Sober”  which was one of the favorites to win the Eurovision 2020 before the competition was canceled. The composition aroused great interest among international journalists and music fans around the world and made Victoria one of the most talked about Bulgarian artists. The organizers of the European Union Broadcasting Contest announced on March 20 that participants in the 2021 contest will have to come up with new songs. This means that according to the rules of the competition “Tears Getting Sober” cannot be the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

Source: BNT.bg

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