Bulgaria’s First rehearsal.

Bulgaria’s First rehearsal.

Next on stage Bulgaria, bookies’ 2nd favorite after Italy. The country this year is represented by , a the Russian origin singer, Kristian Kostov. The 17 yo artist sings “Beautiful Mess” , after Bulgaria’s broadcaster BNT , internal selection. The song is composed by Joacim Persson, Borislav Milanov, Sebastian Arman, Alex Omar and Alexander V. Blay, which is the same creative team of last year’s Poli Genova’s entry «If Love Was a Crime» (4th place).

Before getting on stage for his rehearsal Kristian stated that he will me pleased ending up in the top 3 breaking last year’s record ( 4th place for Poli Genova).











During the rehearsal , the camera zoomed on Kristian’s face as the song begins giving attention to his strict facial expressions and as the setting unfolds there are animated lighting effects in a white and black color combination.

The artist wears a black jacket and skinny jeans and appears on stage alone.The backdrop looks like a very deep room so we get a feeling that the stage is wider than it is.

Vocally he sounded very good and with stability in his voice.

Take a look at Kristian’s first rehearsal for Bularia:

Angelo D.

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