Bulgaria’s First Rehearsal

Bulgaria’s First Rehearsal

Poli Genova from 2011 is back along with Bulgaria. Poli wears (we hope only for this rehearsal) a leather kind of dress with LED lights on it. She is also wearing silver earings.


Poli is full of energy on stage, she dances to the rythm of her song that results in a dynamic performance. The stage is full of black and white colours. The artist is alone on stage and just before the end of the performance, the 5 back vocalists join her.

Poli before the rehearsal stated that: “It’s a big thing for me. I have kind of a déjà vu, but then again not exactly because everything is different – I am different. I am more grown up of course – five years is a long time. I have changed a lot, I am wiser now, more confident, and I am so happy to be here, from the bottom of my heart. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime to get a second chance here. I have never dreamed about that – it’s kind of an unreal thing. Yesterday when I arrived I thought I was dreaming”.




Stefanos Charpantidis

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