Copenhagen 2014: Three hosts anounced

Copenhagen 2014: Three hosts anounced

It was announced today by DR that there will be no one, no two but three hosts for this year’s Eurovision. Saying they had to do better than Sweden and that the two-hosts system was a bit traditional, DR presented Lise Rønne, Nikolaj Koppel and Pilou Asbæk as Eurovision 2014 hosts.

Pernille Gaardbo and Jan Lagermand Lundme, respectively Executive Producer and Head of Show for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, revealed today that they wanted to “think outside the box” and rejected the man-and-woman format we’ve seen so often since first introduced in Paris in 1978. They also thought that the one-woman format, used a lot before 1978 and reintroduced last year by the SVT with Petra Mede, wasn’t what they wanted for their contest. So they introduced us to Lise Rønne, Nikolaj Koppel and Pilou Asbæk. The three-people was already used in Jerusalem in 1999, Oslo in 2010, Düsseldorf 2011 and Baku 2012 but each time with two women! This is, therefore, a first! Pernille Gaardbo and Jan Lagermand Lundme also made a joke about the rhyming from 2001′s contest, implying the disaster would not be repeated. official site further explains: “Nikolaj Koppel and Lise Rønne are both hosts employed by DR” and we get a lot of the usual “it’s a great job, a one in a life time opportunity” speech from the thrilled hosts, their interviews can be read here. More interesting is the announcement that they’ll be joined by Pilou Asbæk, a famous actor revealed to the world for his role of Kasper Juul in the hit series Borgen.


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