Croatia: Dora 2021 to take place without audience

Croatia: Dora 2021 to take place without audience

Dora 2021, the national selection format through which Croatia will determine the nation’s ESC 2021 act, will take place without an audience present. 

While the covid-19 pandemic is still hitting in waves European countries forcing them back to a lockdown, the Croatian national broadcaster, HRT, has opted to hold this year’s national final without any audience present. Thus, Croatia joins the list of countries such as Albania, Finland and Sweden which have decided to hold their national selection shows without an audience.

According to Gloria’s report HRT will launch a platform giving the chance to fans to cast their votes for their favorite competing songs. 

HRT, has made public the 14 acts that will compete in the national final, Dora 2021 schceduled to take place  in Opatija on 13 February.  In addtion four acts were added  as reserve candidates in case one of the 14 acts withdrew.

A jury of  five experts evaluated the 140 submitted entries and picked out 18 acts (14 +4). The jury members are: Andrej Babić, Hrvoje Prskalo , Matija Cvek , Monika Lelas  and Uršula Tolj .

Therefore the 14 acts that will battle for the ticket to Rotterdam are:

  • Filip Rudan- Blind  (F. Rudan / A. Franić / H. Domazet – F. Rudan / A. Franić)
  • Bernarda- Colors  ( (B. Georgiev Milanov / B. Brunović)
  • Ella Orešković- Come this way  (S. Reljić Simba – E. Orešković)
  • Sandi Cenov- Kriv  (S. Reljić Simba – Fayo) 
  • Beta Sudar- Ma Zamisli   (P. Martinjak) 
  •  Brigita Vuco- Noci Pijane   (B. Vuco)
  •  Toma- Ocean of love  (A. Pupavac / A. Bjorkman / K. Persson / T. Marić – A. Pupavac)
  •  Eric- Reci Mi  (E. Vidović)
  •  Nina Kraljić- Rijeka  (H. Librenjak – Miki Solus / N. Kraljić)
  •  Ashley Colburn & Bojan Jambrošić- Share the love   (I. Škunca – A. Colburn / I. Škunca)
  •  Mia Negovetić- She’s like a dream  (M. Negovetić / L. Deb / D. Jamm / D. Kertes)
  •  Albina- Tick-tock  (B. Mihaljević – M. Cinnamon / T. Buklijaš Bakić)
  •  Cambi- Zaljubljen   (M. Mirković) 
  • Tony Cetinski & Kiki Rahimovski- Zapjevaj, Sloboda Je!  (K. Rahimovski)

The 4 reserve candidates are :

  • Elis Lovrić- B rodolom
  •  Endi (Feat. Lora)-Megaloman
  •  Pjerino Ružević-  Soldier
  •  Z/11- Only love

The four additioanl entries are selected as reserves in case their is a withdrawal before the rehearsals kick off in Opatija. After that, if there is a withdrawal, no replacement will take place. Dora 2021 is set to take place  in Opatija on Saturday 13 February. 

The Story so far 

Croatia participated for the first time at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1993 with the group Put and their song  Don’t ever cry.  In Eurovision 1996 with Maja Blagdan and in ESC 1999 with Doris Dragovic, the nation finished  4th  in the Grand Final, which were the country’s best results up to date in the competition.

In 2018 HRT selected internally Franka Batelic to represent the balkan country in Lisbon with her song Crazy. Despite her dynamic performance she failed to qualify to the Grand Final. In 2019, Croatia determined its Eurovision act through the return of national selection “Dora”.  Roko won the national final and represented country at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with his entry The Dream. Despite his amazing vocal performance the Croatian artist didn’t make it to the final.

Damir Kedzo won last year’s national final with his entry “Divlji Vjetre” but never had the chanece to perform on the Eurovision stage in Rotterdam as the contest was cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemic.

News Source/Image: HRT


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