Croatia: “Dora” returns as Eurovision 2019 national selection format

Croatia: “Dora” returns as Eurovision 2019 national selection format

After a 7 year break, the Croatian national broadcaster, HRT, decided to turn its traditional Eurovision national selection format, Dora.

Dora was used as the mechanism to determined the country’s Eurovision acts since 1993, when Croatia debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest and took place for the last time in 2011. HRT decided then to withdraw from the competition due to its poor results and the cut down of the national broadcaster financial budget.

Kazimir Bačić, General Director of HRT, confirmed to newspaper Jutarnji that Dora will be the formula through which the country will choose its Eurovision act and entry the following years. Further on he added that, after a year of cutting a number of TV programs due to the major athletic events broadcasted, it’s essential for the channel to invest in new entertaining programs for 2019. Among them will be the talent show  The Voice and Dora. Mr. Bačić revealed that the shows of  Dora will be held in the city of Opatija.

Croatia was represented in Eurovision 2018 by  Franka and here entry Crazy, but failed to reach the grand final finshing 17th in the 1st semi final with 63 points.

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