Croatia: HRT will take part in Eurovision 2022

Croatia: HRT will take part in Eurovision 2022

Croatian national broadcaster, HRT, has confirmed that it will take part in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Italy.

HRT has officially confirmed  that the country will be present at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Italy next year.

Croatian national broadcaster, HRT, also confirmed that will remain in the national selection form used in previous years, Dora. However, more details on Croatian selection for Eurovision 2022 are expected in the coming days.

The exact statements of the croatian national broadcaster, HRT on its social media accounts:

“The beautiful September weather only contributes to the preparations for Dora and the Eurosong 2022, which are in full swing! Coming soon the Croatian national selection Eurosong, so stay tuned for more information.”

Croatia in Eurovision 

Croatia has been taking part in the Eurovision Song contest since 1993 and has not won the competition to date.

Best placing so far was in 1996 with Maja Blagdan with her song “Sveta ljubav”, and in 1999 with Doris Dragović with her song “Marija Magdalena” which finished 4th in the final.

This year represented by Albina who sang “Tik-tok” but failed to qualify for the final, finishing 11th in the first semi-final with 110 points.

News Source: HRT 


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