Croatia: More datails on national final Dora

Croatia: More datails on national final Dora

More details came out by the local newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija concerning the broadcaster’s plans for national final Dora.

A total of 16 acts are going to compete in the national final during the third night of the show held in city of Opatija. For the first time the process will be open to foreign composers as long as the performance is delivered by a Croatian act.  Further details on the project will be unveiled on a special press conference when the submissions will begin too. 

One of the names that reports want back in the national final,is  Jacques Houdek but this time as a composer. The Croatian ESC 2017 representative stated himself that he has already found the ideal performer for his song. Another act expected on Dora stage is Damir Kedzo who declared having a strong team to succeed his objective. The Croatian artist is well know in his country and had participated in Dora 2011.

The Eurovision Story So Far

Croatia debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1993 with the group Put and their entry Don’t ever cry. The Balkan country’s best results in the competition were scroed in 1996 (Maja Blagdan) and 1999 (Doris Dragovic), when it achieved a 4th placing in the Grand Final.

In 2018 Croatia selected internally Franka Batelic to represent the country in Lisbon with her song Crazy. Despite her dynamic performance she failed to qualify to the Grand Final.


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