Croatia: Nina Kraljić releases Lighthouse

Croatia: Nina Kraljić releases Lighthouse

We have already known that Nina Kraljić is the one who will represent Croatia in Stockholm. Nina was internally selected and the national broadcaster, HRT, premiered her song ‘Lighthouse’ today. The song was officially debuted on Croatian radio, with the video set to be released very soon.

Nina with her amazing voice hopes to amaze Europe. The song was written by the Austrian duo Popmaché and the country makes a return to the contest after sitting out of the last two editions. Nina commented:

“In the past year wonderful things have happened, from winning the show The Voice Croatia to three nominations in the Porin awards, and now I am going to Sweden to represent Croatia. From my participation I expect first of all a good performance, and I hope that the efforts will pay off. The most important part for me is to represent Croatia in the best light.”

George Michail

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