Croatia: The Croatian entry, “ Crazy” to be released on March 6th

Croatia: The Croatian entry, “ Crazy” to be released on March 6th

Crazy“, this year’s Croatian entry by  Franka Batelic, will be published on March  6th. Together with the song, the official video clip will be released which is already being prepared.

Franka appeared at Nove TV on “In Magazine” show, where she stated how happy and satisfied she feels with the selection of the song. The popular artist wrote the lyrics of her participation, while Branimir Mihaljević took over the music composition.

She said among others:

“We ended up in this song in an unexpected way. We had written three songs as proposals for this year’s Eurovision. But when Branimir started playing the piano and I was singing the lyrics, Crazy was actually born all of a sudden . The track is very strong, sentimental and contemporary and I think it will appeal to the public. Our goal is to climb the stage, make a dynamic performance and leave a piece of ourselves.”

Branimir Mihaljevic was also invited and he declared :

“Franka has all the features of a real star. We tried to compose a song that would appeal to the whole world, following modern trends but at the same time bringing a new sound and an original atmosphere. The trends in music change, Eurovision is made stronger and stronger year after year and it’s hard to know what’s best for the institution. However, we will do our best to have a good result for Croatia.”

On February 26th, a small snippet of “Crazy” was released on  the official page of the Croatian Broadcasting Corporation. The video gathered more than 300,000 views. Until revealing their official  participation, remember the song below:

Fotis Kourouvanis

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