Croatia: Tonight the national final Dora 2021 takes place in Opatija

Croatia: Tonight the national final Dora 2021 takes place in Opatija

The Croatian national final, Dora 2021, will take place this evening at 20:10 CET,  with a total of 14 competing acts to represent the country at Eurovision 2021. 

This is the 22nd edition for Dora, and the third comsecutive one held at the Marino Cvetković hall in Opatija. Unfortunately, the show will take place without an audience, due to the covid-19 measures implemeted, but will be hosted by four beautiful females ready to present us a spectacular show. Namely, Daniela Trbović, Barbara Kolar, Jelena Lešić and Doris Pinčić will be the ones to present us the show.

The Croatian broadcaster, HRT, decided to hold a national final after last year’s cancellation and not invite Damir Kedzo back for Rotterdam. After receiving 140 entries a jury of experts came down to 14 acts that will compete in this evening’s final in the following running order: 

1. Nina Kraljić- Rijeka  (H. Librenjak – Miki Solus / N. Kraljić)

2. Eric- Reci Mi  (E. Vidović)

3. Ella Orešković- Come this way  (S. Reljić Simba – E. Orešković)

4. Bernarda- Colors  ( (B. Georgiev Milanov / B. Brunović)

5. Sandi Cenov- Kriv  (S. Reljić Simba – Fayo)

6. Toma- Ocean of love (A. Pupavac / A. Bjorkman / K. Persson / T. Marić – A. Pupavac)

7. Filip Rudan-Blind  (F. Rudan / A. Franić / H. Domazet – F. Rudan / A. Franić)

8. Beta Sudar- Ma Zamisli   (P. Martinjak) 

9. Cambi-Zaljubljen  (M. Mirković) 

10. Ashley Colburn & Bojan Jambrošić- Share the love  (I. Škunca – A. Colburn / I. Škunca)

11. Brigita Vuco- Noci Pijane (B. Vuco)

12. Mia Negovetić-She’s like a dream  (M. Negovetić / L. Deb / D. Jamm / D. Kertes)

13. Albina-Tick-tock  (B. Mihaljević – M. Cinnamon / T. Buklijaš Bakić)

14. Tony Cetinski & Kiki Rahimovski-Zapjevaj, Sloboda Je!  (K. Rahimovski)

The Result

The final scoreboard and results will be  determined by adding up the points of the judging panels (jury) and voting of the spectators via phone calls and SMS messages (televoting). A total of 1160 points are at stake with each voting body have a 50% share on the final outcome. In the case of the same sum of total points (judging panels + viewers’ voting via telephone calls and SMS messages (televoting) for two or more songs, the better placement is achieved by the song that has more viewer points collected via telephone calls and SMS voting (televoting).

Dora 2021 will take place in Opatija and will be aired live on the First Channel of Croatian Television (HRT – HTV1) and via the HRT webstream from 20:10 CET pm

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