Croatia: Watch Franka delivering 5 of the winning songs of ESC

Croatia: Watch Franka delivering 5 of the winning songs of ESC

Although in recent days, there was a negative climate around Franka’s participation, “Crazy”, because of the presence of another song that was similar to her own, she does not put it down and continues to promote this her participation in the contest.

In particular, Franka was invited in the well-known Croatian television show, “Dalibor Petko Show”, hosting by Dalibor Petko.

Throughout the show, Franka along with the presenter, interpreted excerpts from five well-known Eurovision winning songs.

More specific , Franka performed “Fairytale” (Norway 2009), “Euphoria” (Sweden 2012), “Molitva”(Serbia 2007), “Hard Rock Hallelujah” (Finland 2006) and finishes with “Rock Me Baby” (Yugoslavia 1989) as Croatians consider that victory as theirs because of the Croatian origin of the representatives that year’s  winners, Riva, although they represented entire Yugoslavia that time.

Below you can watch  the excerpt with Franka interpreting the 5 songs referred above:

With this cover, Franka shows us her very good vocal capabilities, as well as her love for Eurovision. Finally, it seems she have left behind the adventure of the past few days and is ready for Lisbon.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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