Croatia:Listen to “Crazy”, Franka Batelic’s entry

Croatia:Listen to “Crazy”, Franka Batelic’s entry

The song which Franka Batelic will deliver in Lisbon representing Croatia was released a few minutes ago. It had been known since February 13th, that Franka Batelic will be this years’s Croatian representative at ESC (read HERE) while a week later, we informed you about the song she will sing on Altice Arena will have the title “Crazy” (read HERE).

The next step for the Croatian delegation was to present the completed version of the song and now the official video clip of “Crazy” is available. “Crazy” is composed by Branimir Mihaljević, who has many distinctions in his career and Franka will compete in the second half of the first semi-final on May 8th.

Listen below to the Croatian entry:

Fotis Kourouvanis

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